Kim Cantrell

Q: What is your role at JS Solutions (JSS) and what does a typical day look like for you?

A: I currently serve as the Business Manager at JS Solutions, and it requires me to wear many different hats while also efficiently multitasking. I oversee the day-to-day operations of the corporate business side, and I work with the Program Managers to ensure that things on the contracts/projects side are running smoothly. 

My daily duties also include human resource responsibilities and compliance, business administration, project controls, and working as a contracts/employee liaison. I strive daily to strategize, implement and oversee processes for increased productivity and growth within JSS. I work with the team to implement operational and organization objectives, manage employee activities and manage resources while directly assisting our leadership team in accomplishing executive goals. 

Because our team has a consulting and contracting side, I try to be like glue and keep everything together– I want to support our team and ensure that everyone has the tools to be successful. When it comes to project controls and project management, I serve as the go-to contact. I try to efficiently communicate with all parties to make sure everything is completed on time.

Q: Where were you working prior to joining JSS, and what relevant experience do you bring to your current role?

A: After obtaining an Executive B.S in the Management of Human Resources, I spent 22 years working in the metrology world, where I began as an Administrative Manager with an emphasis in HR. That experience enabled me to acquire a business acumen to include policy and procedures, vendor and supply relations, and customer service. I then transitioned into Account Management and Sales Training Coordination, which helped develop my technical sales, marketing, leadership, and project management skills. Throughout my entire experience, people skills have always come first, whether that be with customer service on the client side or respect and retention on the HR side. At JSS, I’m able to combine all of those skills and apply them on a daily basis.

Q: What aspect of your job and in working with customers, do you consider yourself an expert?

A: Although I am jokingly called the official “cat herder” at JSS, I consider my area of expertise to be people skills. I’m successful at keeping the team on task. First and foremost are communication skills, which are vital to keeping all projects and operations running smoothly. I try my best to be an active and empathetic listener because I know this is the most effective way to resolve problems and understand the needs of my team. My problem-solving skills often come in handy as I have always enjoyed a good challenge and used my open-mindedness and can-do attitude to identify issues and implement solutions.

Our Corporate Culture provides for a strong core value system and ethics structure. I appreciate how this lends to a clear line between work and family. There is a respect that comes along with that and in turn, it provides the best experience to our employees. Happy employees trickle down to happy clients.

Q: Why do you think companies should work with JSS, and how does JSS bring value to its customers?

A: JS Solutions is a top-notch business and support solutions provider with a common goal of not only succeeding but helping others succeed. I feel that our company’s core values, combined with impressive employee experience, set us apart from other organizations. JSS was founded by a leader who believes in putting the value on people first. His continued actions of respect, dedication, and hard work are reflected in the attitude of his employees, who in turn approach their clients with that same mindset. 

Our founder, Jason, advocates for people. He ensures they are taken care of, and he recognizes people for their hard work, whether or not they are part of the JSS team. I think companies should work with JSS because Jason is not only a great leader, but he has also created a team of like-minded professionals that strive to always provide the best value to their customers. The positivity within the team makes going to work enjoyable.

Q: What makes JSS different from other companies where you’ve been employed?

A: JS Solutions is a company of integrity. This is the most amazing group of people I have had the privilege of working with. JSS is an organization of peers who motivate and respect one another. My teammates are my biggest cheerleaders, and they support one another in every way. Our team feels like a community, helping each other grow and succeed. This is a pretty significant feat considering we work in a mostly “virtual” business world. 

Also, at JSS, people always come first. The team is continuously looking at what is going to benefit them and what can be done to help each other be the most successful version of themselves. In my case, I’ve had the opportunity to join the Huntsville Aerospace Marketing Association, and I was recently named the General Administrator for the organization. This opportunity wouldn’t be possible without the support from my awesome team. Our culture is a caring and respectful team environment that you don’t find everywhere.