Q: What is your role at JS Solutions (JSS) and what does a typical day look like for you?

A: I am a Senior Logistics Consultant for JS Solutions, assigned to the Apache Attack Helicopter (AAH) Project Office. On a daily basis, I oversee Plans and Policies ensuring we have all the correct guidance, policies, and procedures in place for new development and modernization efforts on AH-64D/E aircraft, systems, and subsystems across the portfolio. This also includes maintaining and implementing standard operating procedures across AAH.

I’m also heavily focused on material release for new development and modification efforts. This process entails working closely with a myriad of stakeholders internal and external to AAH and ensuring all required program documentation, data, and information is in place to achieve material release approval and commence fielding. I’m also responsible for updating this documentation when necessary, and subsequently implementing and executing accordingly. Material release is a major guiding force for acquisition logistics and sustainment. It’s critical to ensuring material is safe, suitable, and supportable and aids in developing and executing lifecycle sustainment support across the AAH portfolio. 

Q: Where were you working prior to joining JSS, and what relevant experience do you bring to your current role?

A: Before joining JSS, I worked in a similar role as a Department of Defense Army Civilian in acquisition and sustainment for 32 years. In my last position, I served as the Product Support Manager in AAH, an Acquisition Category 1C Major Defense Acquisition Program. All of that experience carries over to my work now. I spent a lot of time working on the material release efforts we have in work or in planning for new development and modernization efforts, as well as, developing and implementing standard operating procedures, processes, and policies. Because of my experience, I am actively involved in teaching and mentoring those new to the workforce or acquisition in how to develop, update, and execute program documentation, plans, and products necessary to achieve materiel release, new equipment training, fielding, and sustainment support across the AH-64D/E lifecycle.   

Q: What aspect of your job and in working with customers, do you consider yourself an expert?

A: My main area of focus rallies around the acquisition logistics, sustainment, and the material release processes, from execution to educating those new to the workforce or acquisition on how to properly get a product through the acquisition and material release process. We want to deliver products to the Warfighter that are safe, suitable and supportable. Our focus is on providing products that meet the Warfighter’s needs and ability to perform their mission. 

It’s important for people to know the different types of material release, the myriad of stakeholder assessments or statements required, and how those processes differ. If you are completing an urgent material release, it is important to understand what is required and how to successfully achieve those requirements because once that new development or modernization effort is approved, you have to immediately go back and complete a full material release comprising 31 separate stakeholder assessments or statements. If you plan and execute the effort right on the front end, it not only makes it easier in the long run but also more affordable and supportable across the lifecycle.

There is a lot of education to be done around the acquisition logistics and material release arena. Being in the field for more than 30 years has given me the knowledge and expertise to help those that are just starting out and build the bench for tomorrow’s logistics leaders. I try to ensure that folks have all the information, tools, and guidance they need to ensure we do our best for the Warfighter in providing safe, suitable, and supportable equipment.  

Q: Why do you think companies should work with JSS, and how does JSS bring value to its customers?

A: JS Solutions is a dynamic company, and my teammates are great to work with. The team is eager to apply their efforts to any project or mission put in front of them. They work on a problem until they reach the best solution whatever that may be. JSS has several subject matter experts that diversify their ability to bring a high level of expertise to all of their clients. Experts at JSS know what it takes to guide a program through milestones from the beginning of a requirement through the acquisition process and into life-cycle sustainment support. Not a lot of organizations have this level of expertise. No one tries to take shortcuts or circumvent the process; they do what it takes to ensure the quality of their process and deliver the best solutions. The team is passionate about working together and getting the mission accomplished.

Q: What makes JSS different from other companies where you’ve been employed?

A: Every team member is eager to help; there is a camaraderie that you don’t see in a lot of places. We are not in competition with one another. I have only seen team members come alongside and help others, so we all reach successful outcomes as a team. It’s a healthy atmosphere to work in. If you have questions, someone is always there to help. I think JS Solutions has a very bright future because the team is passionate and brings a lot to the table that other organizations don’t always have.