Logistics Services

JS Solutions (JSS) provides analytic logistic supply support advice, recommendations, and program status regarding stock position, inventory levels, and requisition status. Acquisition Logistics Experts at JS Solutions are tasked with performing decomposition/functional analysis, systems engineering analysis, systems analysis, and cost analysis to develop system level requirements for new and existing projects. They evaluate systems and devices for inclusion within a project portfolio, prepare acquisition planning documentation for related systems, and perform strategic communication and interface with external agencies and departments.

      • Modernized Crypto Logistics Support
      • Materiel Release Support

Program Integration

JSS can assist with all phases of program integration and technical management for its customers. Its engineers provide technical analysis and support to its customers’ programs, projects and tasks, and share knowledge to help influence initial design and engineering design changes of aviation and missile weapon system hardware and software, which reduces the impact to the sustainment and readiness of the system. The company’s experts always work to identify opportunities to drive down logistics costs for its customers.

Administrative Support

JSS experts coordinate audit actions for successful deployment, operation and management of the Defense Travel System. Our team has experience providing Operations Document Reviews to ensure accordance with Army Regulation (AR) 25-30. We assist the government in developing acquisition documents, Statement of Work documents, Contract Data Requirements Lists, Work Breakdown Structures, Logistics Scheduling documents, and Life-Cycle Cost Estimates. In addition, JSS is equipped to help customers with event planning and administration, project administration, human resources and planning, and Sharepoint management. Our team works to develop and update administrative systems to improve their operational efficiency.

Technical Analysis

Our team provides advisory and assistance services for technical and engineering support for the Weapons Development and Integration Directorate of the Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center in the performance of its overall mission, which includes technology development assistance and program support efforts in the areas of sensors, signal processing, target acquisition, guidance, navigation control, electronics, computers, and system development.

Product Integration

Experts at JSS offer our customers support for the assessment, analysis, integration, test planning and evaluation of FVL candidate sensors, signal processing, target acquisition, guidance, navigation, control, electronics, and computers. We assist with logistics engineering in maintenance planning to ensure all aspects of maintenance are addressed in systems designs and design changes. JSS will work with the customer to quickly translate decisions into leveraging capabilities across Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) / Joint MDO (JMDO) with joint partners to execute a timely and relevant kill chain to find, fix and finish the objective.

      • Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) Support

Consulting Services

Lowering costs and improving customer satisfaction is a primary goal of operating performance improvements within your organization. The most important areas of competency for achieving these goals are customer integration and internal integration. JSS has extensive experience evaluating, refining, and creating efficiency in work processes, and we work with customers to improve the standardization of their activities.

      • Business Development
      • Strategy Development
      • Proposal Management


Our team works with customers to ensure that they maintain compliance with the appropriate government regulations and requirements for their business structure. JSS experts specialize in Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance, Risk Management Framework (RMF), and Secure Architecture and Information System Design. We monitor and assess our customers’ cyber risk to keep them operating effectively and efficiently.

Government subcontractors, regardless of size, are held to the same standards as the prime. While large prime contractors have the budget and resources in place to continually monitor and assess the cybersecurity of their organization, this may not be the case for smaller subcontractors. JSS can help small businesses to prepare for CMMC 2.0 by conducting assessments of their readiness and developing a customized plan that fits into their specific business structure at an affordable price point.

Learn more about CMMC 2.0 compliance here.