Monitor, Mitigate, and Prevent Risk: How You Can Be CMMC Compliant on a Small Business Budget

The cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing and upcoming CMMC requirements are a virtual minefield for small businesses right now. People don’t realize that small business defense contractors are held to the same standards as the big 5 or the big 10, and it’s a challenge for small businesses to be able to know what’s applicable and be able to ensure that they are compliant and meet all their contractual goals.

Ensure Compliance without Breaking the Bank

The biggest challenge for small businesses is ensuring compliance with cybersecurity regulations and maintaining compliance for the term of that contract. With new regulations released every day, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of them on an ongoing basis because small businesses may not be able to afford their own cybersecurity staff and don’t have the time or the resources available to allocate their existing staff to a cybersecurity-specific effort.

Too often, small companies are turned off by larger cybersecurity compliance businesses that use scare tactics in order to charge premium rates. One large provider, for instance, quoted $70,000 for its services, telling potential customers that, ‘without their services, they wouldn’t be in defense contracting within a year.’ 

It doesn’t have to be a super expensive proposition to become compliant and stay compliant. Are the new regulations burdensome? Yes. However, they don’t have to be crippling to a business, either financially or operationally. 

While there will always be consulting and ongoing operational costs, JS Solutions seeks to make these costs manageable while still being able to provide the correct solutions that will enable the small business defense contractor to stay compliant with existing NIST SP 800-171 and DFARS requirements, as well as to prepare for the upcoming final CMMC regulations to be implemented next year.

Our team of experts ensures through assessments, preparation and proper risk management that small businesses can meet and exceed all their contractual goals and then carry on those goals throughout the life of the contract. 

What You Can Expect from Us

What can you expect from JS Solutions?  We’ll perform a thorough and, most importantly,  a realistic gap assessment to determine the current cybersecurity posture of an organization and its infrastructure.  We will then utilize that gap assessment as a road map to building a “get well plan” that will enable the customer to become compliant in a realistic time frame and at a cost they can absorb.

This may include developing, or revising, existing security documentation; modifying procedures and corporate policies; and planning for future infrastructure changes that may be needed.

While we primarily serve the sub-100-person businesses that may not be able to justify staffing their own internal cybersecurity team, we also have the capability to assist larger organizations or the Federal customer directly. Our goal is to act as a force multiplier for any organization in their cybersecurity and risk management teams to enable them to achieve compliance and to be able to monitor, mitigate, and prevent risks to their information systems on an ongoing basis.