Modernization With MOSA

As the Army continues its modernization effort, there has been an emphasis around the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA). The Defense Standardization Program defines MOSA as “a technical and business strategy used to design affordable and adaptable systems.” MOSA enables systems to operate in an open interface and communicate across varying operating systems. Understanding how MOSA works can often be overwhelming, but our experts have broken down the basics below.

Understanding MOSA’s Key Objectives

To understand what MOSA is, you have to know what MOSA is trying to achieve. MOSA strives to meet the following five objectives:

  1. Save money by reducing production costs,
  2. Deploy new technologies in a timely manner,
  3. Upgrade and refresh technology, 
  4. Enable interoperability across systems, and
  5. Provide benefits during the sustainment phase of a major system.

These objectives guide the efforts of all product production following MOSA standards. This approach integrates technical requirements while creating a more rapid evolution of capabilities and technologies throughout the product life cycle. 

Why MOSA Matters

When companies create new software, it is written in their unique code. If Company A creates a product and writes in one code that speaks a specific language, and ​Company B also creates a product but writes in a different code language, the products created cannot communicate once placed together on an aircraft. The goal of MOSA is to enable these products to speak the same language across all platforms. 

Once products speak a language that can be understood across the board, products can be plugged into a master system that enables systems to collaborate. The open approach creates a system and process where organizations know how hardware and software should communicate as they are developing new features. This makes the process run faster, smoother and at its most efficient. 

MOSA creates seamless sharing across domains and machines, yielding “plug and play” technologies that create faster and more innovative program integration. This innovation benefits the Warfighter, creating a safer and more advanced environment. 

Developing to Meet MOSA Requirements

With an open system comes a set of standards. These standards support interoperability, scalability and are available to the public under fair and reasonable license terms. If companies fail to develop products to the requirements that have been laid out, they will spend more time and money having to re-create products. 

MOSA is the future, and our experts at JS Solutions have the skills and knowledge to support all phases of the MOSA requirement process. While progressing with modernization efforts, our experts evaluate systems and devices for inclusion within a project portfolio, prepare acquisition planning documentation for related systems, and perform strategic communication and interface with external agencies and departments.

We know that understanding the ins and outs of MOSA can be difficult. Our experts at JS Solutions have the expertise to guide you through all phases of the MOSA requirement process. Contact our team today!