Q: What is your role at JS Solutions (JSS) and what does a typical day look like for you?

A: I serve as a Logistics Management Specialist at JSS. In this role, I focus on integrated logistics support, working for Product Manager (PdM) Sensors, sensor products and logistics, as part of Project Management (PM) Apache. A typical day in the life of a logistics manager specializing in sensors consists of managing day-to-day activities and solving complex logistics issues in terms of acquisition and sustainment.

In my position, we buy and provision new equipment while also maintaining the equipment that’s already in the field. We have to ensure that the equipment is sustainable and that the soldier has it in their hands when they need it in the field. When I first came to JSS, I was acting logistics team lead for a system called Manned Unmanned Teaming (MUMT). I served in that role for about a year.

Q: Where were you working prior to joining JSS, and what relevant experience do you bring to your current role?

A: I served six years in the Army and after I got out, I transitioned into defense contracting where I began to work on aircraft modifications. I spent a lot of time doing that, and then I came to Huntsville to work for a company where I conducted new equipment training for soldiers. I spent my days making sure that pilots and soldiers knew how to use, operate and maintain their aircraft systems for communication, navigation and surveillance. I was physically going out to the units with a new piece of equipment and sharing how it works, how to sustain it and making sure they had the materials they needed to maintain the equipment.

I also worked for a large defense contractor in a similar position to what I’m doing now. While there I handled fleet management, which ranges from scheduling modification work orders to managing aircraft systems and fleet configurations, to fielding aviation mission equipment. All the different missions and positions I had before joining JSS gave me the experience I need to complete my job successfully today.

Q: What aspect of your job and in working with customers, do you consider yourself an expert?

A: I think my biggest strength or area of expertise is being able to strategically plan each step of the logistics process, from fielding to planning to forecasting coordination. Being able to build a timeline and a plan to take a piece of equipment from concept all the way to the soldier’s hand is extremely important. I know how to handle the coordination of the process to ensure we are working in an efficient manner. I understand what it takes to go from an idea to an actual aircraft part.

For that process, we start with a problem and decide what we need for the solution. Once we have the ideal solution established, we source it out and build the equipment. After the equipment is built out, we go through a quality assurance process to ensure that it functions as it was designed, completes its job well, and maintains sustainability. In the last step, the equipment goes into production and is then sent out into the field for soldiers to be trained on.

For JSS customers, I am able to quantify and know what they want while sensing what route they are going to take. Budget plays a big role in how we can operate, so even when the customer may not know exactly what they need, I can help guide them and get them on the most efficient path based on that budget.

Q: Why do you think companies should work with JSS, and how does JSS bring value to its customers?

A: JS Solutions provides a professional culture while still maintaining an approachable, laid-back environment. Every team member is hardworking and goes the extra mile to put the client first and make sure our customer’s goals are accomplished. The vast experience that each team member possesses provides value to our customers that you cannot find in most places.

Q: What makes JSS different from other companies where you’ve been employed?

A: One of the things that makes us different from other places I’ve worked at is that we are lean but experienced. Our team is small, but because we all have different backgrounds, we bring a lot of experience to the table. Some team members are gifted in coding and processing. Some are great at supply, warehouse management and transportation and then others are extremely technically savvy. It benefits us because we’re a smaller, tighter group of people. We all get along and have been able to form a strong team bond, even in the midst of COVID. You can reach out to anyone on the team to pick their brain so we have the ability to tap into a plethora of experiences and resources to figure out the best solutions for our customers.