Q: What is your role at JS Solutions (JSS), what does a typical day look like for you?

A: My official title at JSS is Director of Strategy and Growth, which means I’m responsible for helping Jason grow the company. Crafting our business development strategy and long-term sales strategy is the main piece of my role. I also identify our target markets and plan how we will reach that audience. With any small company, employees wear many hats and JSS is no different. I spend a lot of time researching contract opportunities and tracking the movement of government funding to fuel our business development strategy.

Establishing relationships with people and organizations is key to our business development success. Once those relationships are established, I ensure lines of communication remain open and fluid between our team and the potential customer. Our team is dedicated to establishing JSS as a trusted name in the industry. To amplify this, I identify key events and tradeshows for JSS to attend, allowing us to network with other industry experts.

On the other side of my job, I work within our consulting and cybersecurity business. I perform business development activities for our consulting clients which can look different every day. We offer services ranging from strategy development to traditional business development, capture services and proposal development. My background is in cybersecurity, so I also ensure that our customers are able to maintain their compliance with the appropriate government regulations.

Q: Where did you work prior to joining JSS, what relevant experience do you bring to your current role?

A: My career initially started in the private sector dealing with telecommunications–that didn’t last long before I transitioned into the world of government contracting. I spent almost a decade with a larger Huntsville-based contractor. With that organization, I traveled the world supporting Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) efforts as a field service representative and a program manager while also supporting the Department of Defense (DoD). This role strengthened my skills and taught me the ins and outs of government contracting.

Prior to joining JSS, I supported the Space and Missile Defense Command (USASMDC) with satellite tracking, missile defense and space operations. At that point in my career, I began my transition out of the intelligence world and into cybersecurity full-time. Once in cybersecurity, I began working with small businesses, similar to JSS. This gave me the opportunity to hone my business development skills as well. Small businesses live and die by business development, so it has been ingrained in the way I operate for a while now.

Q: What aspect of your job do you consider yourself an expert in?

A: For the better part of the last decade, I’ve worked in cybersecurity and have a deep understanding of cybersecurity compliance. I specialize in cybersecurity compliance requirements, regulatory requirements and ensuring customers are compliant with regulations such as Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

Over the years I have also gained a depth of knowledge in business development and proposal management. I have done over a hundred proposals throughout my career, so I have a good handle on how to efficiently manage and streamline the proposal process to achieve the desired product. Because I wear many different hats, I have a solid grasp of seeing the big picture while also understanding the details that go into crafting a strategy for success.

Q: Why do you think companies should work with JSS, how does JSS bring value to its customers?

A: To me, our team is the epitome of what a small business should be. We’re responsive to customers and we’re responsive within our process. The dedicated support we bring to our customers and their missions is not found in many places. We’re not just here for a check, our customers know they are getting the highest quality of service when they work with JSS. That’s because our team is invested in their success. Most of our team is former military. When we see the mission, we take it personally. This team works with a level of integrity that is unprecedented.

Q: What makes JSS different from other companies you’ve worked for?

A: JSS is different from other companies because of the depth of experience each team member brings to the table. No one here is new to the government world, we’ve all been doing this most of our lives. Everyone has a unique background and a different point of view, so we are constantly learning from one another. We all approach a situation differently which enables us to provide the most efficient solutions to our customers.

I’m a small business guy, so I love the culture and environment at JSS. I love being able to talk all the way up and down the chain–it enables our team to be more agile and adaptive. Just like with our customers, there is a level of integrity and trust that is evident in our team’s culture. Each team member plays a role in our company’s success and our customer’s success. For me, I’ve found that I perform at a higher level because I know my team is backing me 100 percent. With this team, I know I am making a difference and that’s what makes JSS special.